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In Both, Two Tussing & Vanderbruggen examine the duet, the smallest unit of togetherness. The dance duet is a genre with a history. In their most familiar forms, duets reflect the range of possibilities for relating, which resonate within a certain cultural imaginary. In particular, they reveal common-sense attitudes towards who gets to move, how, and under what conditions.

When two people dance together, a whole constellation of invitations, permissions and prohibitions is put on display. Both, Two invites the spectator to jump into this complex more-than-human ecology with her whole body: the work asks us not just to see but to sense. Can we hear a duet? What does it feel like? Costumes with palpable textures, swirling currents of air and sound, and a tactile program note complement the movements of tangibly enfleshed bodies; a journey for the proximal senses that intersects with the visual and the aural in unusual ways. In a duet which both references and exceeds the tropes of the genre, Both, Two asks what it could mean, today, to be two together.

Performance & Creation: Vera Tussing & Esse Vanderbruggen

Sound: Mike Picknett

Lights: Bert van Dijck Costumes: Sofie Durnez, Jivan van der Ende

Direction: Vera Tussing

Dramaturgy: Seb Kann

Feedback: Saïd Gharbi

Artistic Collaborator: JS Rafaeli

Photography: Alessandra Rocchetti

Video: Zoilly Molnar Production: Hiros

Co-production: Kaaitheater, KAAP, The Place, IN / FINITY Support, Research

Residencies: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, South East Dance, The Place, CND Paris, Tanzhaus Zuerich, ImpulsTanz , BUDA, STUK, KAAP,

De Markten, Cc 't Vondel, De Warande, Stems Gallery / Cindy Daignault, Klein Verzet

Tactile Programme Note: Anna Goette, Bert Van Dijck, Lucie Beauvert, Esse Vanderbruggen & Vera Tussing

Additional support and special thank you: Esther Severi, Anneleen Keppens, Zoltan Vakulya, Chen Wei Lee, Gorka Gurrutxaga, Laura Poletti, Magrit De Maegd, TOPAZ, Susan Carter-Schwantes, Bun Kobayashi & Clara Levy

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