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Lap Dance with Sculpture

The audience enters a space – perhaps a garden, or a square. A circle of chairs is placed in that space. Each seat has a small hand sculpture waiting to be picked up. Vera Tussing and Anna Muchin guide the audience through a multilingual score ( Dutch, French, English) – inviting and initiating different tactile interactions between each audience and their Hand Sculpture, and creating space for meditations on these tactile interaction.  


As part of her choreographic practice exploring the senses, Vera Tussing has chosen another stage to interact with the experience of tactility. In the summer of 2021, she and two collaborators create short interactive tactile meditation that uses spoken word, sound as well as a small object, a hand sculpture to explore ways of how we are with touch. This exploration starts as part of her residency at KAOS. There will be an initial presentation in the garden at KAOS in July 2021. After the installation will move across different spaces, squares and gardens of the neighbourhood of Ixelles. 


CREDITS: Text, Sculpture & Choreography: Vera Tussing / Music/ Voice/ Translation: Anna Muchin / Host & Support: Dame Thiam, Nele Oeser / Illustration: Jacopo Buccino / Production: Hiros / Supported by: KAOS, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie / Thanks to: JS Rafaeli / Part of the Touch Score series: 


Image: can we use the invite card....i know its the wrong format …or see pic with my hand attached and of the basic set up attached

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