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Responds: Bodies and Objects 2017

Response: bodies and objects 

Response: bodies and objects is a riff on the proposal behind Cynthia Daignault’s exhibition, There is Nothing I Can Say That I Haven’t Thought Before. 

Lucas Zileri – Ping Pong with Two Rackets


Rubén Orio  – Aphasia by Mark Apelbaum


Esse Vanderbruggen & Vera Tussing – based on Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals by Peggy Hackney

Response: bodies and objects is a series of solo and group interventions during which human beings explore the actions proposed by extrinsic things: a book, a ping-pong racket, a musical score, the body of the other. Movement here is not primarily an act of expression, but an act of translation. It is from the gap of indeterminacy implied by this (and any) act of translation that the specificity and expressivity of Response emerges. How does this act of translation reflect back on the object, refracting and renewing it? And what happens when the emerging translated form is abstracted and re-applied across different bodies? Response proposes listening to the object as a strategy for exploring the possibilities of the body and the specificities of the individual.

Thanks to Sebastian Kann, JS Rafaeli, Cynthia Daignault for the invitation to try the work out at this very early stage!

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