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The sound projected into the audience space is the movement and the movement on stage is the sound. “The Icarus Project” three dancers explore movement as an auditory, as well as a visual experience. What journey does movement-as-sound take us on? How does sound define the space through which it moves?

Choreography and Sound: Vera Tussing

Dancers/Sound makers: Ann Pidcock, Elizabeth Barker, Vera Tussing

Sound Design: Camilo Tirado, Michael Picknett

Costume: Vera Tussing

Light: Andrew Hammond

Rehearsal Assistant: Petra Söör / Pictures: Vinicius Salles

Drawings/Animation: Anna Goette

Illustrations: Gosia Machon

Duration: 19 minutes

Thank you to: Albert Quesada, Gregg Wilson, Karl Fiorini, Rebecca Hanson and Alison Duthie at ROH2

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