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Conservatoire Antwerp / Kaaistudios


Staging Encounters Workshop:


Many of my recent creations experiment with different modes of situating the audience within the theatrical experience. In both The Palm of Your Hand and Mazing the audience is arranged around the performers, while in the new creation Both, Two an apparatus of pumps and air-tubes allow them to literally act upon the set. Much of these experiments are exploring with how dance can be experienced through other senses than sight. The visual has long held dominance in the theatrical space. Can we enrich the experience by drawing on other senses?


To this end, over the past year I have been working with The Human Body Project, engaging in workshops recreating some of my pieces to include blind and partially-sighted audiences. As part of this workshop, I would like to invite you to experiment around these options and multiple ways of engaging with the work.


Info: This workshop will include practical elements, but will also allow you to sit back and observe from a more exterior position. We look forward to be sharing this journey with you.

Above: end of workshop studio sharing with students and guests from the Conservatoire in Antwerp.

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