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A Movement-Sound Performance

The words: “You ain’t heard nothing yet”, spoken by Al Jolson in the The Jazz Singer, were the first ever spoken on screen. YAHNY (You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet) is a movement-sound piece celebrating the acoustic body.


Borrowing from cinematic production techniques, this piece uses sound, text, movement, and foley art to examine how our senses structure our experience; how sounds and images come to be associated in our minds and how the senses affect one another in different situations. The work seeks potentials in different ways of coming to know these familiar modes of narrative production, re-contextualised in live performance.


Cinema works through the combination and juxtaposition of sight and sound, creating a sensorium in which these two discreet senses affect each other to the point where  we do not ‘see’ or ‘hear’ a film, but come to ‘hear-see’ it.YAHNY dissects and interrogates this process of synthesis and manipulation, seeking  a new engagement with sensory perception.

Choreography / Sound Concept: Vera Tussing in Collaboration with the Performers & Collaborators

Performers: Andrew Hardwidge, Ann Pidcock, Petra Söör

Writer: JS Rafaeli

Light Designer: Arne Lievens

Sound Engineer: Emanuele Costantini AMPS

Sound Editor: Robin Jonsson / Foley Artist: Alex Robinson

General Assistant: Petra Söör

Sound/Consultant: Mike Picknett

Illustration: Gosia Machon

Pictures: Tom Cornille

Thank You for support: David Cornille, Steve Johnstone, Albert Quesada, Family Fexer, Barbara and Rafi Rafaeli, Costume Department at The Place (London), Anna Goette, Work Place

Produced by: STUK Leuven (BE) & Vera Tussing With the support of:  Vlaamse Overheid Co-Produced so far by: STUK, workspacebrussels, Monty (BE)

Supported by: The Place (UK), Pact Zollverein (DE), wp Zimmer (BE)

Residencies so far: STUK Leuven, Monty Antwerp, wp Zimmer, workspacebrussels (BE), Choreodrome, The Place, London (UK), PACT Zollverein Essen (DE), DeVIR/CAPa Faro (Portugal)

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